The Canopy

The Canopy is a new semi-vanilla Minecraft server (Java) that launched on June 13th 2020! We are looking to grow our community of active and friendly players.

We aim to keep the game-play feel like vanilla, so our plugins are primarily QoL and administrative. Our staff are experienced moderators of large semi-vanilla MC servers. We even have our own developers that keep everything streamlined as well as enable us to provide additional capabilities to enrich the experience for our players.

Please stop by! We have a greylist so anybody can come look around before applying!


  • Custom Advancements

    The typical advancements are a subtle way to guide new players in Minecraft. For flavor, we have added many of our own custom advancements, we challenge you to collect them all!

  • Dynmap

    View our server's map in real time, similarly to google maps! This tool gives our players the ability to view their builds from a birds eye or isometric view, but also explore new regions with navigational ease.

  • Periodic Community Events

    We love to have fun community get-togethers. You'll never know when an exciting event will land!

  • Dedicated Server

    Intel i7-7700K (4c/8t at 4.2+GHz) with 64GB of RAM and dual 450GB NVMe SSDs in RAID - full specification here.

Important Links

Here are links to all the things you might want to know about the server!

Important documents

  • Make sure to read our rules before you join!

  • Learn about land claims

  • Help reduce lag and keep the server running smoothly

  • Set up your nether portal, and connect to the tunnel system

Server IPs

  • Survival server:

  • Creative server:

Fun stuff

  • Take a look around our dynmap

  • Stats. So many stats.

  • Learn about Geoffrey, our shop & location bot.

Social links

Community Spotlight

Other Pages


If you donate to help pay for server costs (make sure to leave your IGN in the memo section), you get access to a few donor perks!

Join us!

If you've read the rules and want to join us, here's the server's IP.

Take a look around and do /apply when you're ready!