Donor Perks

Donor Perks on Canopy include:

  • Access to Core Protect
  • Ability to use colored & formatted text on signs, & in chat, beyond the current vanilla colored text.
  • /hat
  • Dynmap hide/show
  • Simple rename
  • Gain the ability to purchase, with diamonds, your player head in game.
  • A special discord rank & in-game distinguished chat role.

Core Protect: /co i gives access to the core inspect "wand". Which you use your player hand to right click a spot where something used to be, or exists now, or click on chests to see what was taken/added and when. Type /co i to turn it on, and /co i again to turn it off. If the spot you click has multiple pages worth of results, you will have the ability to sort through the pages with /co l <x> (x being the number of the page you would like to go to)

Colors!: This is quite simple as it lets you use the & color formatting in game on signs and in chat to go beyond the current vanilla texts see here for different types of formatting!

/hat: Did you ever want to become a unicorn with an end rod? Maybe throw a dog its bone! Now you can! While holding an item in your hand use /hat and it will be put on your head magically!

Dynmap hide/show: This will allow you to hide your players icon on our dynmap use /dynmap hide or /dynmap show respectively to hide/show yourself on the map.

Simple Rename: Say goodbye to anvils! This helpful command lets you rename any time in your hand without the use of an anvil, levels, or a name tag. Just hold the item in your hand, type /rename <name> and you're set.

Player Heads: Ever wanted your head on a spike? Well the Villagers at spawn can give you just that! For a handful of diamonds you can buy your very own head and do whatever you want with it!