Land Claiming Rules

  1. Building in other people's land claims without permission is not allowed. Make sure to always check our map to check out existing land claims!

  2. Refer to rules for rules specific to the spawn land claim and how to build there.

  3. After 30 days of inactivity. Staff may remove your claim and grant it to someone else if there is only the equivilent of a dirt hut within it, or shrink your claim towhat's been built within it.

    → Land claims are processed by staff in #land-claiming in discord.

The standard size for a land claim is 100 blocks radius:

  • Expansion of said claims are granted when the original claim has been sufficiently filled in with builds

How to get a Claim

Firstly! Make sure you are not claiming anything within 100 blocks of the border of a previous claim. If there are any conflicts in who should be granted an area, staff will determine who receives the land claim based on the earliest placed item/block by either user in that area, or move your requested claim away enough that it fits the 100 block limit.

To make a claim you must:

  • Take a screenshot of the area you would like to builld in on dynmap
  • Draw a circle around the approximate area you would like to build in
  • Make sure to include the center point of your circle you would like to claim
  • Post the screenshot in #land-claiming for staff to review. Staff will notify you if your claim is approved!
  • Please specify if your claim is for a base, farm or town when submitting the claim.

Example: Land Claim (Redirects to discord)

Early Week Claiming (First Few Weeks of Season)

In order to ensure a fair process for who acquires what land, the following processes will be in place at the start of each season:

  1. In order to claim land, you must place a block or sign or any otheer object at the location you wish to claim.
  2. This placement will be how staff determines who was at a particular spot first if there are any conflicts
  3. Post a screenshot in #land-claiming claiming and post the center point of your circle
  4. Please specify if the claim is for a base, farm or town when submitting your claim.

Refer to the example above!