Server Rules

  1. Respect one another and don't ruin other's experience. If you have any problems with a player that you are unable to resolve yourself, contact staff.

  2. Don't Grief If you break it on accident, you fix it.

  3. Don't Steal If the chest isn't marked free, or you don't have explicit permission from the owner, don't take from it.

  4. No game-changing mods, such as x-ray, flying, cave finders, etc. if you are unsure, please ask a staff member.

  5. The answer to the last question on the whitelist is penguin.

  6. No duping or using unfair game exploits. TNT duping is disabled and is not allowed.

Spawn Rules

  1. Staff may change builds at spawn as needed. Builds that are too big, encroaching on prior builds, are unfinished, or otherwise disruptive may be modified by staff. We will always contact you prior to changing things, unless you have been inactive for an extended period of time on the server.

  2. Please do not build any shops or markets within the spawn land claim. With a limited amount of space we ask that shops be built elsewhere.

  3. No automated or laggy farms/machines at spawn. Spawn is where new players experience the server for the first time, and these are the most likely to hamper their first impression by dropping their fps.

  4. Please Try to limit any entities within your builds, such as item frames. We want players to be able to add entities to their builds, so try to keep your total amount of entities low to reduce FPS impact. Staff may remove and chest these items if you have an excessive amount within your build.

Nether Rules

See here for everything nether related!